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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The unknown life of constant weird symptoms

Today I spent my day at the ER for reason other than my own, while sitting there my hand began to bruise or so it looked. I only noticed because it was throbbing and going numb like it usually does and I looked down and saw the bruise just coming up.

So I was now being checked in to be seen myself. Blood work and X-rays were ordered and it was discovered that my back was covered in what they called modeling or blood pooling. Very blotched pattern of a bruising on my back. This has not always been there.

They said it looked like blood issues and started naming off auto immune issues that can connect to such symptoms. The test results for my X-ray came back with evidence of swelling in the tissue and blood leakage as well as a bone type deformity. As anyone aware of AS knows, it causes extra bone growth better known as fusion in areas that have been highly damaged. So is that what this is, or is it something else and if so...what and why?

My labs, came back with abnormal readings several things high and some low. All of them being things that point to again the list of auto immune issues and blood issues the doctor rambled off. So here I sit wondering why he sent me home telling me my test were normal and just to follow up?  I also wonder what next ', what else is my body going to do to me? Why is this my life? I am suffering more and more each day.

My back pain is so excruciating that it's beyond bearable. All the symptoms combined are becoming unbearable. I don't know how I am supposed to physically continue to function yet, here I sit pushing on because I wasn't given a choice. My spoons are depleted for weeks to come and unfortunately crap just got even more in depth with my family and job.

I am facing intense stress emotionally over family situations and potentially a higher demand for added work on the job. It's like nothing can happen one thing at a time it's all or nothing. My only outlet is working on this. Becoming more knowledgeable and preaching more and more on awareness and research. So please people, I beg of you share my words. Get this information out and let it be known and read by as many as social media will allow.

Invisible Illnesses tack a drastic toll on the individuals suffering and the families of those suffering. We must get these diseases cured! Let's not just fight Ankylosing Spondylitis but all Illnesses that fall in this category from depression to mental to physical.


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