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Friday, November 17, 2017

Someone asked me how I do it, I said I wasn’t given a choice!

Inspiration comes from the strangest places

It took me longer than I planned to sit down and write this time. About two days ago inspiration struck at the strangest moment. I was getting dressed for work and it just really sank in how difficult that task was. I know I have talked before about those simple task we do everyday, however I don’t think it will ever be something I will get used to. It’s just not supposed to be that hard to complete the daily task of life. It is much more than just cutting toe nails, it’s putting shoes on, shaving my under arms, writing, typing, putting on a seatbelt. My body simply does not want to cooperate.

36 Going on 96

I know, you are thinking I must be exaggerating, surely it’s not that bad?  Yes and No! Obviously I don’t think I can be compared to someone in there mid 90’s, but some days it sure feels like a few of those lucky enough to reach that age are doing way better than me. I actually asked for a shower chair and a claw grabber for Christmas, and not because I’m lazy and short. It just really came to my attention that I may actually need to adapt a few things to better work with my bodies limitations. Let’s face it, I’ll never get any better so all I can do is make things as easy as possible for myself. If this means sitting down when I get dressed or shower, I’m all for it. I will take the easy road any way I can in order to keep blogging as long as possible. Then it will be time to vlog or use voice to text.

To Vlog or Not to Vlog

That is the question my friends, should I go ahead and start doing some vlogs now? Should I be doing that in conjunction with my writing? That’s probably not a bad idea, and I need to work on my social skills a bit anyway, if I am going to lead a support group. Bet you would never guess I have social anxiety and truly hate facing new people and new things, especially when they involve talking to new people. All of these things have not just impacted me in a way that’s made my life more challenging, but it’s also been the greatest blessing. It is forcing me to become comfortable with my less than perfect side, pushing out into the social world and causing me to spread my wings a bit. I have been blessed with the opportunity to turn a bad circumstance into a wonderful learning and growing experience. So next time you get down on yourself, think of the positive that you could make. Lemons=Lemonade right? Until next time....


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