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Thursday, June 7, 2018

You robbed me of a life
Stole things I really need
The gifts you gave in return
Are just to much for me

I know your pain in every way
It’s my battle until my dying day
A hurt I can’t describe
It even penetrates my eyes

You say I might bend
That I’ll never break
This is just a lie you told
To cover up all that you have stolen

You didn’t just take my movement 
You couldn’t just stop there
As if that isn’t enough
You must think I’m far too tough

You took the breath right out of me
I guess you thought I didn’t need it 
But now it’s just impossible to beat it
I hope you’re happy with what you see

My stomach is all in knots
My spine has began to curve
I stutter and I stumble
Just to find my words

My body just attacks itself 
You the demon in command
I fight a warriors fight
But each night I lay down in fright

What will you take next
Will you ever leave me be
My questions go unanswered 
My cries for help not heard

If I could just make this world see
Get them all to believe 
I’d teach them everything 
And put a stop to this

They say were close to dinosaurs
Spoony family and warriors
But none of you really see
And many don’t even believe

Do I have the strength to fight this 
Are there better days ahead
You are just a thief in the night
Robbing me of my life

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