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Monday, July 16, 2018

Eligibility for Giving Spoons


We all know that a family living with a medical issue can face financial struggles at times. These moments make it difficult to provide for your family as well as provide for the expenses of being sick. To ease the burden we will be picking families to sponsor for special occasions.  Complete the application for sponsorship and submit to Giving Spoons at for a chance to be sponsored.

This year we will pick one family to sponsor for back to school expenses. One family to sponsor the cost of a Thanksgiving meal. Finally, one family to sponsor for the Christmas Holiday.

Eligibility requirements are simple, provide information as to why you have a financial burden at the moment. Maybe you can’t work and have not been granted disability. Maybe your out of pocket expenses are just to high. Maybe you are disabled but it’s just hard to make ends meet. Once we receive applications, we will do a drawing and notify the selected families.

Applications must be received by July 30th for school Sponsorship and by August 30th for any Holiday sponsorship.

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