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Monday, July 16, 2018

Package Examples

                   Care Package Example

Heating Pads                  Hot/Cold packs                 Oil Diffuser
Tens Unit                         Salt Lamps                    Vicks Steamer
Epsom Salt                      Oils/Balms                         Sleep Mask
Bath Bombs                     Turmeric                           Vog Mask
Body Care Products         Slip on Shoes/Slippers      Cushions
Assistive Devices             Travel Pillow              Sound Machine
Journals                            Pill Case                             Shirts
Gift Cards                         Medical Alert Items            Bags
Gas Cards                         Back Scratcher                  Decals
Blankets                            Foam Roller                      Books
Jewelry                              Educational Material        

Any combination of above mentioned items. This list can grow at any time. There is always the potential to receive special surprise items as well.

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