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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Decals for a Cause

Join In A Special Cause

I’m asking for a very big favor. Please consider spending $10 on a vinyl decal. Even if you never use it. I can make custom decals of just about anything and will take request. I will also be selling custom designed decals to support the cause. You can find more information in previous blogs and by checking out the group Giving Spoons. A group created specifically to help others with Ankylosing Spondylitis in need of more than just emotional support. 

Just one medication can cost over $6000. A fair average is around 10 different medications. Many times insurance not covering the needed medications. Extremely high copays and other out of pocket expenses. It’s also pretty common to see three or more Doctors on a regular basis. I happen to have 5 all of which are specialists aside from my Primary. We don’t get the privilege of doing just yearly visits or every three or five years either.  I have had a total of 27 appointments this year alone. Could you imagine, 27 copays, 27 additional out of pocket expenses? At times I have paid near $300 in a month out of pocket. It’s expensive being sick. Just In case you are wondering if that occurs every month, that’s a grand total of $3,600 and trust me when I say I’m one of the lucky ones. My expenses are minor. So that number isn’t even close to an average. 

My Name Is Summer Canady

If you take a look around my room you will see traces of what used to be. The 5k medal hanging on the wall, next to a collection of achievement pins. Trekking poles propped against the wall and hiking books fill the shelf. There is an unfinished log book for reaching new milestones and beneath the bed is a row of dust covered hiking shoes. These are reminders of who I used to be. Days have gone that most likely will never be again. 

In a drawer, there is a stash of countless souvenir spoons from across the country sharing space with a stack of postcards and two penny press books. These all accumulated from the many adventures I have had over the years. I have a collection of rocks, gems, minerals, and fossils displayed upon a table. These things all hold memories for me. I wonder though, will that matter to anyone else when I’m gone? 

You see, I’m sick and the past two years have taken so much away. It hasn’t trampled my pride, or even the passion I hold inside. Instead in many ways, it’s been a blessing for me. Ways that I’ll never be able to express to anyone else. I love and appreciate more because of my experience. I know my own suffering and I can’t stand the thought of anyone else going through the same thing. 

I tell you all of this for two reasons. First, to encourage you to read my previous blogs if you haven’t already. Second, in hopes that you will join my fight, my cause, my dream, my passion. Help me to help others in need. You can do so by making a donation or by purchasing a decal made by yours truly. Every single penny will go to help someone else in need.

Hello, My Name Is

Her name is Christy and she has a terminal diagnosis. You may contact me to be directed to the official GoFund me. She was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, but her journey has been a challenging one. She got rather sick, pretty quickly. Upon receiving certain test results it was determined that she has Pulmonary hypertension, a terminal condition. In the midst of trying to get disability and treatment, things took a turn for the worst. She lost her home and of course her job. She moved in with her son, who shortly after took his own life after battling depression. She once again was homeless. Without a steady home, she is unable to start the costly treatment as it requires the assistance of home health. All she has left is her car, which she will lose as well without some help. 

As she remains off treatment she only gets sicker. She was quickly approved for disability but has a mandatory 5 month wait with no pay. She is in a position of having to ask for help that nobody wants to ask for. I know to all of you she is just a stranger. To me, she is strong and brave and a dear friend. I know we have a world full of caring people out there. So I’m asking, please let’s help ease this sweet ladies stress. Purchase a custom decal or purchase one of the custom-made awareness decals to help out. All money will be used to help others like Christy. 

Everyone Calls Me Sam

She goes by Sam and she works her fingers to the bone. She has Ankylosing Spondylitis and her spine is fusing together. She can’t lift her head all the way up. She is pretty crafty though. She would be happy to sell you a custom-made crochet item. She is so sweet and caring and a dear friend of mine. Sam is fighting the good fight to get disability because with a fused spine she can’t lift her head anymore. She thought her disability from work would kick in sooner than this, but she is still waiting.

It’s funny how we have all these options for assistance but becoming disabled is never expected so how does one manage when suddenly they are unable to work? Sam reaches out to the community for the help she can get. Unfortunately, she still falls short and every month she is at risk of losing her home and the stressful decisions of what gets paid and what can be put off.  If you bought yourself or someone else a cozy nice blanket, she would forever be joyous of the kind and generous love you gave. Reach out to me for details on placing an order or as above purchase a custom decal or one of several awareness decals to support the cause. 

I Am Nothing To You

I know that I am nothing more than a bright screen to you. To others, I am so much more. I am a leader, a friend, an advocate and a volunteer. I put endless effort into helping my community. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and it is my dream to change the world forever for those like me. You can help me do that. You can donate freely, or purchase a product. I am offering a product because I don’t want anyone to feel used. 

I promise you can look me up on any social media under Summer Canady or Kick Some AS or Giving Spoons. Please visit The Spondylitis Association of America is the leading nonprofit for Ankylosing Spondylitis. Please visit the support group and check out my bio. Also be sure to check out to read other blogs and learn a little more about Giving Spoons. I hope you will find it in your heart to help. With the support of others, we can change the world for so many. 

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