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Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Letter to my Politicians.

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I wanted to write you a letter today, because the pain and frustration I feel won’t go away. Thoughts run deep in my mind, because these days all I have is time. I wonder if I cry out enough, will those with the power finally speak up. See, it’s your job to ensure, that all of us have a future that’s secure. You made legislation and rules. Required my hard earned money be contributed. You told me it was to provide that retirement security. There is something wrong with this though. Our government says it will all be gone soon. So what is that so many of us pay into? I got sick and I thought, surely there is help for a struggling mother who is ill. I pay for short term and long-term disability. I pay my taxes to Medicare and social security. It’s time that I need it, but it’s not what I want. Trust me, I’d rather be a hard-working member of society. 

It was only a false reality, I really had no security. A lack of support, and leaders who quarrel over what access we have or even when it’s used. As I mentioned, I’m suffering from illness. I’m also a single mother raising children. They lost their father, so all they have to rely on is me. I began missing work, and they knew I was to sick to refuse. Even offering me days off, because they could see the impact it was having on me. Then it came the time, I asked to file a claim. It was clear I wasn’t going to be able to work for a while, possibly never again. We started the paperwork and they informed me of eligibility requirements. Do you know nothing stops them from denying me based on pre-existing conditions? I wonder if you also are aware, that pre-existing is termed as anything you have seeked  medical attention for previously! This could possibly mean a denial for me. 

I pay for my benefits  and even go that extra mile. I pay for a plan that pays out faster and at a higher percentage. Still yet, I may not have an answer by the predetermined date of return. I was a little concerned because it’s the holidays and all. I thought it would be a fast process after all, I pay in more to receive that perk. I think to myself, what’s waiting 14 days  when that’s a typical pay period anyway. Sure enough, they ripped away all my hope and drowned me in insecurities. The day after I filled, HR notified me they dropped my status to PRN and cut all my benefits. Who gave them this power? It seems so ridiculous. Why offer these packages to employees if you truly have no intentions of letting them use them? I’ll tell you why, because the government doesn’t have our back, and they behave in a similar way. Now, as I sit and I wait. Is it too early, is it too late? 

Did I jeopardize my health by pushing too long? What if I’m able to return to work, do I even have a job anymore? FMLA can’t be used for a year. Thanks to our federal government for thinking tragedy or emergency can’t strike any sooner, and if it does, sorry you are just not worthy. How’s it allowed, how is it fair? I pay in and pay in, and barely make ends meet. Yet others don’t realize the heavy burden that brings. We worked hard and dedicate ourselves to a career. All for what, to be living in fear? I’m too young so many have said. Even but you’re so pretty, you can’t even be sick. Others make judgments based on the seconds it takes to make first impressions. Who holds these standards that if you are young you must be healthy, and we forget so many things are unseen. 

I pay for a service that offers financial relief, to be used in times of hardship. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify to use it. Not unless I am approved for disability or listed as unemployed. To be on disability you must be physically unable to work. If you are unable to work and paid leave isn’t an option, how do you live with no income? It takes extended periods of time to apply for SSDI of which usually results in a denial the first try. If you don’t have children you won’t even be eligible for state assistance food programs. Even when you do, there are no guidelines that require they complete a case in a timely fashion. Often leaving you for weeks eating on divided food rations. 

You wait and you wait, after many years of contributing your taxes. All for what, others to decide you don’t look like you need it? We have members of society that get disability for their anxiety. Others who work under the table, because they are greedy and find ways to cheat the system. Did anyone ask us, what we think should grant eligibility? Often times Doctors disagree or just don’t believe. When this is the case, who’s fighting for me? Test results can be inconclusive and many only provide ranges. No one considers this is just a textbook guideline. Maybe I’m not textbook and my results are really quite telling. How will we know this, if our voices are not acknowledged? 

I know I don’t have the answers, but I can tell you none of this is right. I worked hard and paid in. Please tell me why this is such a fight? I don’t want anything I don’t deserve. I don’t want free handouts. As I said, I’d rather be at work. I’d gladly give you my illness as a trade in. You take this affliction and I’ll make work my addiction. It’s not about political sides. It’s about doing what’s right. Do you think those of us that are sick, really have it in us to keep up this fight? I don’t like facing what I am losing. The depression financial stress can bring is a deep dark hole. All I want is to enjoy, time just focusing on my family.

Instead, I sleep more than I should, the stressors, boy they are for real. Being sick is exhausting. That alone takes all that I have. I still have a house to maintain, and my kids might literally think I am insane. I’m so forgetful and need help so much. In their unaware minds, they just think I’m a grump. Really I’m not, I’m just frustrated A LOT! I make calls all day. Quiet please, no interruptions today. I’m online researching and chasing Doctor appointments, all through three towns. My insurance is a hassle. So strict and uncaring. I guess they just don’t believe a person could need this much medication. My mailbox stays full of their denial letters. I call and I call but it never gets better. Still only 5 you can receive! The rest is your full responsibility! 

These prescriptions are not cheap. They charge what they please. They can do anything they want because they know you want to be healthy. It’s a rip off a scam. How many different ways can the system fail me? I’m sure we can find more, but who's keeping score?  I won’t forget to mention the opioid addiction. They lied about statistics just to keep us all scared. Then out came legislation that harmed chronic pain patients. All they cared about was drug abuse not proper prescription use. Patients lost medications they had been on long-term. Others unable to seek relief when those dreaded flares occur. Of course, we got overlooked. It’s nothing new, it’s just what people do. 

I want to understand, I have questions that need answers. I’m wishing these words would reach all those people who matter. It’s people like that, that we need to advocate. Awareness does a lot  and can go a long way. A click and a share, and you did your part. We need your support, we need the power to make a change. It’s not fair, it’s not right. When you are sick, the last thing you need is to worry about how you will be able to pay the bills. I know I’m long-winded, but this deserves the attention. Stay strong in your fight, even though it’s not right. You have someone in your corner, someone ready to battle. Together you and me, together we will Kick Some AS!

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