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Friday, August 16, 2019

I Don't Have Enough Energy to Be Sick

I Don’t Have Enough Energy to Be Sick

Over the course of my journey one might say my health rapidly declined. From the avid hiker doing 5k’s in 2016 to the now unemployed 37-year-old awaiting a disability hearing in 2019. That fast, I went from traveling the country to hike, to fighting for air, having a cardiac ablation and electrophysiology study, hospital stays for abnormal EKGs, declining pulmonary function, Liver fibrosis, and multiple gastrointestinal issues. A girl who once provided medical care in emergency settings and could spit out vital signs and record medically important information without missing a beat, now can’t remember a 4-digit code longer than a minute and has to have things repeated constantly because my body is so fatigued, so exhausted that all I have the ability to do anymore is be sick. 

Don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t stopped me, I put my heart and soul in to advocating, raising awareness and trying to change the future for others like me. Sometimes, I have to take a step back and rest. However, resting truly brings to light how much worse things are. This is why I have an important topic I want to discuss with you al today. That being, why exactly has my health declined so rapidly? How do I fix this or can I even fix this? The Answer, is pharmaceuticals, that is why my health is getting worse. By all means if you find relief, use it, by please, I urge you do not accept something that truly isn’t working and genuinely has impacted your health for the worse. 

When I first got sick, the answer was NSAIDS. The go to treatment for inflammation. Sure, accept that it destroys the rest of your body. They don’t regularly monitor your liver function when you are on medication for no reason, it is because these medications come with the known risk of causing liver problems. Do you know what else NSADIS do? They cause stomach problems. So, here I was hiking, living life, working, caring for others, and all of a sudden I started slowing down, until I just couldn’t anymore. NSAIDS caused severe GERD, which even after over a year being off all NSAIDS, I still have uncontrolled GERD and require yearly EDGs because of the damage. I know have Barrett’s Esophagus and require biopsies to monitor for signs of cancer. I have to have procedures done to attempt to repair my lower sphincter every year. I am developing rings of scar tissue around my esophagus, causing swallowing, digesting and I have spasms of my esophagus. My stomach and intestines are biopsied every year as well because of constant inflammation, and abnormalities. Then of course, I developed Liver Fibrosis. 

Digestive System Chaos

It is moments like right now, that make me question how anyone doesn’t understand why those of us who are fighting chronic illness never have any energy. In this very moment, my body is battling the many different things it is feeling all with absolutely no energy. I need to throw up, yet my body is so fatigued that I can’t even physically make that action happen. When I finally do end up in that dreaded position, as my body uses all its limited means to react to this unpleasant symptom, it triggers 50 more actions that my already depleted state struggle to manage all at once. 

I know it doesn’t sound pretty, but I already struggle to feel enough air in my lungs, the unrelenting urge to vomit from my many intestinal issues won’t go away and now I’m relentlessly coughing, and practically trying to perform acrobatic skills in order to not have other bodily function issues during the process. Who really wants to read about this? I know I don’t, but this is about being real, and honest and telling the world what being sick everyday is like. So yes, I vomit and often in those moments I am trying not to piss and shit myself! When You get sick with something that is systemic, no part of the body is safe. Now, I apologize for the TMI but this is life, and when my energy is gone, I definitely don’t have the strength to battle those components all at one time. 

I’m currently getting ready to have yet another extensive test to look at my digestive system. A relentless day of long waiting, being uncomfortable, probably frequently needing to have bathroom breaks and all in hopes of answers that just may not come. I do have intestinal issues that we are not certain what they stem from, could be the Ankylosing Spondylitis, could be something else altogether, and yes, could be medication related. We just don’t know. Yet part of my issue is that the Medical world is not really here to help, and neither is the insurance company. 

I should not need to battle my insurance company to pay for a medication to treat nausea and vomiting when there is a perfectly good, free, safe and effective plant that could be used to help treat this. Instead, I have to suffer the symptoms, get denied by insurance, told I have to pay high out of pocket expenses to get little benefit. Or constantly be begging the doctor for more help getting a few more pills at an affordable price. Why should I have to fight so hard? Especially when a solution is available that could help if ingested. It is an anti-inflammatory get, immune modulator, and it balance our internal cannabinoid system. It decreases stress and anxiety in turn improving your gut health. 

Hemp Helps Me it Can Help You

It is time we put an end to the laws that ban the use of a plant! It is time we let the people gain access to the things that can help them naturally. No waiting on insurance to decide if you have the right amount of money, coverage or anything else, they don’t have the right to dictate the quality of life we get, and neither does the government! I am proud to be working on a project with an amazing team to bring the progress needed to provide such change. We are all advocates wanting to fight for those who need and deserve to feel better. Our group is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Greener Pastures Hemp Expo and our website is greenerpastureshempexpo.comPlease come join us if you want to be a part of spreading the word, or just need help knowing what might work best for your medical conditions. We have several people battling with medical issues that limit their abilities working on this team so we have knowledge, experience and connections. A non-profit has been formed under the name of Sri-Cities Hemp Awareness Coalition because that the goal, spread awareness, bring community together and help others through education and other sources. 

This is definitely a new passion of mine, as I am using CBD to help manage some of my symptoms and so far I have decreased several medications without any issues. I no longer take anxiety medication, I’m also no longer taking sleeping medication, and a few of my stomach medications have been able to been dropped down. This is only after ingesting for a few weeks too. We have plenty of success stories and would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to follow my blog here at k.kicksomeas.comfollow me on Instagram, twitter and Facebook Kick Some AS, Giving Spoons and Giving Spoons to kick some AS as well as A Spoon for of CBD/THC helps the medicine go down. Last but not least if you are in the local east TN region please check out my support group on Facebook Bristol Spondylitis Support Group and email me at

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